Reviewer Responsibilities

Peer reviews are conducted as a double-blind process via our Open Journal System (OJS). As an editor’s and/or reviewer’s comments will determine the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts, these comments play an important role in the peer-review process.

Reviews should be conducted in a fair and objective manner. Remarks and suggestions should not contain insults or criticism directed at the author as opposed to the manuscript.

The peer review should not be seen as an opportunity to appropriate the author’s ideas or data.

Reviewers are advised to adhere to the following:

Conflicts of interest should be declared accordingly

Published works which are relevant and would value-add to the manuscript should be pointed out

Reviewed articles and their contents should be kept strictly confidential

Reviews should be objective; personal criticisms are to be avoided

Promptness in response; reviewers should inform Bilingual Publishing CO. should they be unable to take part in the peer review of a particular manuscript

Possible areas of focus while conducting the review of manuscripts:

Potential ethical concerns

Potential research misconduct (eg. Data fabrication/manipulation)

Potential author misconduct (eg. Plagiarism, redundant publication)

Technical errors

Logical errors (fallacies, lapses in logic, etc.)

Language errors that mar the clarity of the text


Suitability of references used

Other relevant research which should be referenced in the paper

Uncited content