Publishing Ethics

Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics requests all members involved in the journal publishing process to adhere to the Code of Conduct and to the Best Practice Guidelines as stipulated by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The editors of this journal enforce a rigorous peer-review process together with strict ethical policies and standards to ensure to add high quality scientific works to the field of scholarly publication.

Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics adopts a zero-tolerance policy concerning any academic misconducts and ethical violations in research and publication regardless of the severity of these issues. The violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Plagiarism
  • Falsification of research, data fabrication
  • Affiliation misrepresentation
  • Submit to multiple journals simultaneously
  • Breaches in copyright/use of third-party material without appropriate permissions
  • Undisclosed competing interests
  • Unethical research

The reviewers, authors or readers can forward their concerns to the journal if they find out that the description in a submitted article may constitute a research misconduct or publication malpractice. The concerns or complaints on the possible allegations submitted to the journal will be dealt with promptly and appropriately according to the procedure set out in the COPE flowchart. The complainant may direct all inquiries and correspondence to the Publisher at

In cases of suspected misconduct and ethical violation, a panel will be formed to investigate the allegation. If the allegation is supported by evidence, the submitted manuscript in question will be declined for consideration in the journal and all authors will be informed in this regard. A retraction initiated by authors or by the journal is required to take place if the paper has already been published, and the retraction will be made public. Authors of the work in question will receive the Panel’s Decision via email and all appeals regarding the decision will have to be made to the Publisher at within 28 days of the decision date.